Thai food is not from Taiwan – Why Formosa Treasure?

“Where were you from originally?”


“Oh, I love spicy food!”

Here you go, this guy has no idea where or what Taiwan is…and apparently I am not alone with such experience. This is one of the motivations why I thought about starting Formosa Treasure. (Although it’s not as bad as another guy who replied “Oh you speak Korean!” upon hearing I was from Taiwan, and I don’t think he was joking)

The primary mission for Formosa Treasure (FT) is to promote Taiwan among American households, to introduce people to the land where I spent my childhood and am still in love with.

Why should you care about Taiwan?  Two words: Jeremy Lin.  Not a sports fan?  How about this: if you are viewing this post, whatever device you are using likely has components designed or made in Taiwan.  Reading this on a printed copy? (really?)  How about this: Taiwan has incredibly diverse and heavenly delicious cuisine and food culture that is simply unmatchable.  Get a glimpse on Wikipedia, and try not to drool too much.  Not a food fan? (come on now…) How about getting to know a nation that the US has longstanding friendship with starting back in the 50s/60s.

Other quick facts:

  • Taiwan especially Taipei City makes NYC nightlife look like child’s play (no offense, just a fact);
  • Taiwan is abundantly endowed with breathtaking natural scenery (thus the nickname Formosa: ‘Beautiful Island’ in Portuguese);
  • Taiwanese people take pride on delivering quality and exquisite products labeled “Made in Taiwan”;
  • Taiwanese people are also proud guardians of modern Democracy and 16 centuries-old Traditional Chinese characters in East Asia;

All these happen on an island with population density about 20 times more than the US and area about 1/5 the size of Florida.

On the FT Blog (as well as on the FT Facebook Page) we plan to cover diverse topics about Taiwan: from everyday Lifestyle to pop Culture, from good Designs to awesome Food, and from intriguing Places to interesting People. Just so you don’t get bored with me, I’ve invited several other writers to contribute to this blog.  I will also introduce you to wonderfully written posts about Taiwan from other sites.

But let me be honest here.

FT is also largely for myself, to forget not my root.  For my families and our next generations, to be inspired and be proud of what flows in their DNAs.  For my friends, to appreciate the land and culture that have taken big part in shaping my characters and views.

Oh last but not the least, did I tell you about the FT store?  We work hard to hunt for one-of-a-kind designer products that are either made or designed in Taiwan, with styles that you will have hard time finding elsewhere.  Great choice for gifting.

I humbly invite you to join me on this journey.

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